This is the Research paper final. Attached below I have already completed and i

This is the Research paper final. Attached below I have already completed and included a research topic final with sources and references, aswell as an outline . Instructions will also be provided in a seperate attachment that explains the details of the outline to give you an idea of what the process was like leading up to the final paper. In the text below is the final instructions needed to be done for the full final paper.
Hey guys,
Because I asked you guys to include at least four published papers in your Research Topic submissions, some of you seem to be a bit confused that that’s how many references you need for your final paper or for your outline.
Here are a couple of important guidelines on that front – these are applicable to your final paper, but also may be helpful for your paper
(i) “How many sources” – this has been discussed a few times in the lecture sessions (recording of which are available on Blackboard). There is no specific number of references, but you should have at least 30 references – published in peer reviewed academic journals – cited in your paper. You can have other sources also cited, as long as you have at least 30 peer reviewed journal articles cited. Please take a look at the Journal Articles we reviewed, and their referenced papers to get a sense of this.
For the Outline due tonight, you need NOT include all the references, but include as many as you want to (minimum of four, but more would be better for your own progress).
(ii) “Length” – as stated in the syllabus, your paper needs to have at least 3,000/3,500 words, with no upper limit – NOT including appendix, references, charts, visuals, etc. I can not specify any word length for each section/subsection – all I can say is that each section should be thoroughly developed and the content comprehensively presented. Again, published papers you cite in your literature review (and, the ones we reviewed in the class) should serve as guidelines.

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