This is the instructions from the instructure. I will attach 3 essays so you kno

This is the instructions from the instructure. I will attach 3 essays so you know which concepts that was learned over the past few weeks and its not limited to these 3 essays, you can apply the consepts you that you have and you knowledge.
You will be applying the concepts learnt over the past few weeks to answer the following questions. Please answer the following questions in essay form.
1. How would you assess the state of the American republic today? Are we as divided as it seems, or do you believe this is part of the deliberative process?
2.The Biden administration has had some major successes to date (e.g. Bi-partisan infrastructure), how is any of his legislative success being viewed both my republicans and democrats? Choose one piece of legislative success and describe in detail the deliberation around it, its passage in Congress, and how it is being viewed in a democratic and republican state.
3. How has the divisiveness in American politics today play out in the confirmation process for soon-to-be Justice Brown, and what historical significance does it hold? Reference two senators (one democrat and one republican) remarks and or line of questioning to demonstrate the different approaches. What was the final vote in the senate for the confirmation?
4. How would you rate the President’s handling of the Ukraine crisis? Give evidence based to support your answer.
Your essays should be no less than 5 pages in length.

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