The two films I am going to focus on is both Transformers and Pain and Gain. Thr

The two films I am going to focus on is both Transformers and Pain and Gain. Throughout these films they represent a form of art that is dangerously stereotypical. The focus on both action films is the idealized version of white males that fight and shoot their way out of their problems.
Questions that need to answered in Essay.
Why would they subject them to simple objects, Why are they used as the butt end of a joke? What are these characters main goals and purposes. Why do they do what they do? Do they feel as if they went to far?
it the film writers, or is it other characters that are said to “betray” the White protagonist?
Why only women, and why have you chosen this focus on this issue? I am curious because males are the primary audience for these films, and they project certain ideas about masculinity that appear to be appealing to men.
Articles that can help with essay.
The Oxford Handbook of Prosocial Behavior.
The Encyclopedia of Sexism in American Films.
Quenching The Male Gaze.
Utilize 5 research sources, which may include documentaries, film reviews and criticisms, newspaper articles, historical resources, and other films
6 Use college-appropriate language
7 In addition: Make sure you have a Works Cited page, citations where you use sources, and you use MLA formatting for your paper including a header with your last name and page numbers, personal information, a title, and a double-spaced Times New Roman 12 document.

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