The Ghost Map by Steven Johnson Requirements: The following paper will consist o

The Ghost Map by Steven Johnson
Requirements: The following paper will consist of three parts:
1st Part: 30 points
The first part of the paper pertains to an analysis. An analysis is not a book report or summary! However, you should be thorough in your responses. No quotes!!! I repeat, now quotes!!! I know what the book has to say. You may paraphrase, but you must give reference to the author (this also applies to the synthesis analysis). I should be able to read your analysis and get a complete understanding of the issues taking place. You must explain the purpose/main issue(s) being expressed by Johnson. Why was the map so significant, explain? Remember this part should only be a summary of the book, you should hold back your own perspectives and ideologies in this section.
2nd Part: 60 points
The second part of the paper refers to a synthesis inquiry, using ideologies of urban sociology. Several urban theories have been examined during the course of the semester; pick a theory you find to be relevant and describe the impact(s) the theory (or theories) would have on London’s period of 1854. According to Johnson, technology and globalization have dramatically transformed our city centers, how did the epidemic of London affect how cities are built today, (be precise; give three examples) and how have these changes impacted our cities (ex. Gentrification, New Urbanism, Sprawl, RRS, etc.; provide three examples)? We have learned during the course of the semester that sociological ideologies such as SES have been found to be big indicators on how we (society) locate the poor, and during London’s peak period of 1854 the citizens of London faced appalling and horrific conditions, explain how these implications have affected our cities in regards of health and the environment (give two examples for each concept)? Within the Epilogue section, Johnson gives several examples of where he sees cities transforming to, thus do you believe the sociological ideologies which are associated with New Urbanism as a way in which we (society) can save our inner cities (provide two examples)?
3rd Part: 10 points (Formatting) make sure that your grammar and spelling are correct.
Cover Page (Name, Date, Title, etc.)
Reference Page (You may use any formatting that you’re comfortable with, just be consistent)
Single Spaced

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