-PSYC 100- Chapter 16 – Application Assignment “Discussion” – Answer the Discuss

-PSYC 100-
Chapter 16 – Application Assignment “Discussion”
– Answer the Discussion Questions Below.
In your answers make sure to use concepts from the “Text” and “Slide Show” to support your response. Include APA formatted in-text citations. You’re answers should also include your own thoughts as well. Please see the “Grading Rubric” for specifics.
-Discussion Questions: Write at least 1 paragraph/100 words for EACH question.
1. Discuss your reactions to Kelly McGonigal’s premise that you should “make stress your friend”.
2. Compare her approach with the text material. Use at least 3 different concepts.
3. Discuss how stress relates to two other chapters in the text. Be specific and USE at least 3 concepts/terms to support your response.
Properly Cite/Reference: >>>>> “Intro. to Psychology” Textbook & “Slideshow” (that is attached in file). <<<<

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