Poem to Use: https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poetrymagazine/poems/150942/incide

Poem to Use: https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poetrymagazine/poems/150942/incident-report
The short close reading analysis assignment asks you to focus on a
small passage in a text (as little as a sentence, no more than a page)
a single visual or image (photo, map, art work, or still from a video); or,
a short video clip (< three (3) minutes) Whatever you choose, your task is to dwell in the details and produce an analysis as to what this means and why it is significant to understanding the broader text of which it is part or a concept that we are concerned with in this class. Before you start writing: think about why you find the passage interesting, striking, or strange; consider whether there are repetitions and whether those repetitions bring any shifts in meaning think about what the passage says; then, how does it say that? and, to what effect? finally, what does the passage mean or imply? When you start writing, focus most on this last question of what the passage means or implies and be sure to explain how you know that––that is, support your interpretations through discussion of evidence from the text, the image, or the clip. In the space of 600-750 words (introduction-3 bodies-conclusion), present an analysis of your chosen subject/object. Discuss its meaning and why your reading is significant for understanding the broader text of which it is part or a concept that we are concerned with as a class. Given the brevity of this assignment, only summarize as much as you need to provide context for the reader to understand you. Assume your reader is familiar with the text, but offer them gentle reminders of the necessary facts that set up your reading and explanations. Your analysis should show the reader the logical progression of your thoughts and interpretations (not prove that you have read/seen the text or object). I have attached an example!

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