please use the ‘all papers rubric’ to ‘grade’ the article along with your revie

please use the ‘all papers rubric’ to ‘grade’ the article along with your review letter.
As a reminder…
You will write one independent article reviews. At the beginning of each review you will answer the following questions (as detailed in the assignment guide)
1) What is the research question? What is being evaluated?
2) Briefly describe the data used. Specifically, include the data
set name, the sample
size, the time period covered, and the nature of the data (e.g.,
cross-sectional, time
3) Briefly describe the research design. Was it online, in-person,
primary or secondary data? What methodological considerations may
have taken place?
4) Briefly describe the key outcome variable(s). Are the
independent, dependent? How were they operationalised?
5) What is the method of analysis is used?
6) What are the key findings?
7) What are the weaknesses of the study? Include a discussion of
internal and
external validity.
Then you will provide your review letter where you cover the following (along with any other feedback)
1) The effectiveness of the framing of the paper and relevance of findings (2 points)
2) Methodological Suggestions, Appreciations, and Critiques (2.5 points)
3) Other Comments and Responses about the methodological contributions
and clarity of the paper (2.5 point)
C) Fill in and attach the review score sheet (1 point)
(will be provided)
trans men and straight gods are examples for the review letter.

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