Mediators act as neutral parties to analyze a conflict by listening to both side

Mediators act as neutral parties to analyze a conflict by listening to both sides and rendering a resolution. For this assignment, develop a Kaltura Capture video in which you describe a conflict experience where a mediator would likely be needed to resolve the conflict. Be sure to include responses to the listed elements below by describing the experience, yet avoid simply reading a question and then answering it separately. Rather, present your response so that it is cohesive and flows … synthesis is important.
Feel free to role-play and act out mediator best practices, too. In addition, under separate cover, be sure to document and submit either a transcript or talking points as bullets, while also including an APA-formatted list of the references and resources you utilized.
Be sure to include the following:
Explain how the mediator controls the process but not the outcome of a conflict.
Identify the cautions to remember and consider when performing in a role as a mediator.
Explain the types of data a mediator may choose to gather and analyze when conducting a session to reduce or eliminate conflict.
Assess how this information is utilized in a mediation plan by providing a detailed example of each.
Summarize the effects of siding with one of the conflict parties.
Describe how diversity, equity, inclusivity, and cultural responsiveness were considered.
Compare and contrast some of the differences between Western and traditional cultural expectations and procedures of mediation.
Elucidate on the importance of a mediator exuding empathy.

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