In this activity, you will create a presentation on Safety Management Systems (S

In this activity, you will create a presentation on Safety Management Systems (SMS). Explore the Library,
the internet, or the FAA website for material related to SMS. The goal
of your presentation is to effectively implement and manage risk in
aviation maintenance.
Based on your readings and research conducted, prepare 10 slides (not
including the title slide and reference slide) with bullet points and
explanations in the note sections. Be creative, and think about how you
can incorporate visual aids to add to your presentation. In your
presentation, address the following:
What are the ideology and fundamentals of SMS?
How do you implement a SMS?
What are the main components of an SMS?
What are the four pillars of safety within SMS?
What is the SMS decision process?
What is the SMS regulatory requirement in aviation?
Support your conclusions with a minimum of four or more
references. Your submission is expected to be grammatically sound, free
of spelling errors and formatted according to current edition of the
American Psychological Association (APA). The uploaded file should
contain your last name and activity number.
Recommended Readings
FAA AC 120-92B – Safety Management System for Aviation Service Provides (FAA)
European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)
Human Factors (FAA)
Increasing the Human Factors in Maintenance Safety Management (Aviation Pros)
James Reason’s Swiss Cheese Model (SKYbrary)
Risk Management Presentation (FAA Safety)

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