General Psychology Final Exam Spring 2022 Directions: Please answer all 10 essa

General Psychology
Final Exam
Spring 2022
Directions: Please answer all 10 essay questions . Each question should be given equal time and
effort. Provide a minimum of 3-4 paragraphs for each short answer question making sure to
provide references, examples, elaborations, etc. You can use the textbook, chapter notes, or
journal articles as supportive evidence. Write clear and grammatically correct sentences, and
logical paragraphs. Use a standard 12-point font, double-spaced, numbered pages. Please spell-
check before your submit your test. Each essay question is 10 points each. Total is 100 points.
Good luck!
1. What are the developmental domains we discussed in class and in your notes ? What does
each domain pertain to? What is cognitive development? What are the four stages of Jean
Piaget’s theory of cognitive development? What is physical development and what are some
issues that concern physical development ( you can discuss puberty, obesity, weight and
height , breastfeeding, etc.) What is psychosocial/social -emotional development? Choose
one topic covered in psychosocial development.
2. What is the nature vs. nurture controversy? Give one example to illustrate the impact of
nature on development and one example to illustrate the impact of nurture on development.
3. What are some of the research methods to study development ? what are some advantages
and disadvantages of doing these types of studies? Find one research article that used one of
those research methods and discuss the hypothesis being tested, the subjects, the results and
the findings of that research.
4. What are the three stages of prenatal development? Include some of the major developmental
changes that occur at each of the stages. What are teratogens? Give an example and explain
how it affects brain or physical development.
5.What are the 8 stages of Erikson’s theory ? what are the tasks and the conflicts of each stage?
Choose one of the stages and provide an example of what task has to be achieved and what
conflict can occur if the task is not achieved.
6. How Do Psychologists Define and Use the Concept of Personality? What Do the Theories of
Freud Tell us About the Structure and Development of Personality? What are the three
structures of personality according to Sigmund Freud ? What are the Major Aspects of Trait
and Humanistic Approaches to Psychology in describing personality
7. How Can We Distinguish Normal from Abnormal Behavior? What are the criteria for
identifying abnormality? Deviance, Dysfunction, Distress, Disability . Provide and example to
show how each of the four D’s can explain abnormal behavior .
8.What are the different types of anxiety disorders ? Choose one of the five anxiety disorders,
find a case study ( celebrity, family member, personal, etc.) and discuss this person’s diagnosis,
treatment, circumstances that lead to the diagnoses, symptoms and the day to day experiences of
the individual living with this anxiety disorder .
9.What is the difference between depression and bipolar disorder ? Discuss the following for
each of the disorders : symptoms, risk factors, treatment options. Also include a case study for
each of the disorders ( depression and bipolar)
10. What are personality disorders ? how are they different from the other disorders? Why are
they lifelong? Choose a character from a movie or TV show that portrays a personality disorder
and discuss the case in details

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