for this assignment, you will be applying two ethical theories to an ethical pro

for this assignment, you will be applying two ethical theories to an ethical problem. Examples of such problems are euthanasia for terminal patients, capital punishment: capricious and arbitrary, abortion, and so forth. Please look at your textbooks for ideas on topics.
Your essay should be at least 6-7 pages.The body of the essay should be approximately 1000 words and you can go over this number without penalty.
The Works Cited page will not be a part of the word count.
Mechanics: essays should be double-spaced, 12 pt. font, 1 in. margins, contain a title page and abstract.
A works cited page is required for citing lectures, course textbooks and outside sources.
In the early modules, we discussed ethical theories. These are ethical relativism, ethical egoism, utilitarianism, Kant’s deontology, and natural law theory/virtue ethics. You may not use divine command theory as an ethical theory for this essay because it is a form of ethical relativism. You may, however, use ethical relativism instead.
In the later modules of the course, we discussed several problems in applied ethics. You may choose from those applied ethics cases or choose one of your own.
The Structure of the Essay
1. Introduction to the topic and thesis
Give a brief history and background of your topic. Following this, you must state your thesis.
Your thesis must make a stand on the ethical problem. For example, euthanasia for terminally ill patients is an ethically right choice to make in many cases.
The main arguments you present in this essay will defend this position.
2. Body of Essay
a. Select two ethical theories to use in the main body of your essay. The first theory will be the one that supports your thesis. State and explain this theory and apply it to your moral issue.
b. The second theory will give the opposite analysis. If your thesis is that “X is morally right,” then the counterargument will try to show that “x is morally wrong.” In this way, you will be giving a balanced account of your topic.
Moreover, it would be good to provide some of your own arguments for why the opposite analysis is wrong. In this way, you will be supporting your original thesis. Academic sources are good at this point of your essay as well.
c. Compare and contrast how the two ethical theories you have chosen are different. You may label one section of your essay, “Comparing the Theories.” The next section might be labeled, “Contrasting the Theories.”
3. Conclusion
In your conclusion, you should reaffirm your thesis and the ethical theory that supports your argument; as well, you nee
d. to include a final section on why that ethical theory also helps make other ethically right decisions when faced with other difficult ethical decisions. This part of your conclusion describes your ethical stance moving forward and your confidence in the ethical theory you have chosen.
The paper itself must be an academically formatted paper (APA). Your academic support must include at least 3 credible academic sources that discuss either the ethical issue you chose or the ethical systems you describe in the paper.
Your paper should be in the following APA format:
Title page
Main body
Works Cited

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