Essay Questions: Answer each question. Word minimum requirements are given afte

Essay Questions: Answer each question. Word minimum requirements are given after each prompt.
Suppose you wanted to conduct research that examines the relationship between alcohol use and family background. What measures, or indicators, would you use to get at the two variables: alcohol use and family background? How might you design your study? (150)
Read the definitions of validity and reliability in Chapter 3. Consider those as you read the following scenario. Pat went to the gym, and he weighs 197 pounds. When Pat stepped on a scale in the gym locker room, it read 150 pounds. Pat got on the scale again. It again showed 150 pounds. Pat repeated stepping on the scale a third time. It read 150 pounds. Pat knew something was wrong with the locker room scale. Pat found a different scale in the corner of the weight room. When Pat got on that scale, it showed 185 pounds. Then when he stepped on it again, it showed 197 pounds. Just to make sure, he stepped on it again. It again read 197 pounds. Comment on each scale’s reliability and validity as these terms are defined in the textbook. Is each scale reliable? Is each scale valid? Why or why not? (50)
The Tuskegee Syphilis Study has been called one of the clearest ethical violations in all the history of science. Do some research on the ALU online library. Cite your source(s) in APA. What happened in this study? Why was it unethical? Sociology involves the study of humans. What laws are currently in place that guide what we can and cannot do with human subjects? (150)
Figure 4-4 presents the agents of socialization. Which TWO do you believe are having the greatest impact on you right now, and why do you feel that way? Provide an example of how each one is influencing you. Turn back the clock ten years. Would these same two have been the most influential back then? Why or why not? (100).
( to the writer i would use school and family )

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