7th Assignment—Do we need government? Vocabulary: State of Nature, Social Contra

7th Assignment—Do we need government?
Vocabulary: State of Nature, Social Contract, Leviathan, Sovereign, State of Civil Society, Anarchism, Democracy, Republic, Oligarchy, Theocracy, etc…
We have been told that we need government by folks like Hobbes & Locke because without it, we will end up behaving badly towards each other. Others strongly disagree. Who do you agree with and why? Alternative formulation: Can you be trusted to do the “right thing”? Can others? Or do you need other folks (through threats or persuasion) to keep you on the straight and narrow path? Explain.
Your work has to have:
A main claim that is analytical, clear, and well-formed. Highlighted in some way.
Offer an example (or two) of how you know how you (and others) will act (something that actually happened to you and/or others)—as people who need government or not to ensure that you will act decently towards others.
Name, define, and use the following terms in your work: State of Nature, Social Contract, State of Civil Society, & Anarchism/Anarchist. Give TWO reasons to support your main claim. Provide analysis AND evidence for each reason. One piece of evidence MUST be textual—from one or more of Locke, Hobbes, Scott, Chaplin, Kropotkin, etc. Use a piece of poetry in your work that resonates with your claim
You must actually hand in the work.
The work must follow the general rubric below and can be one of the following:
An essay—Around 1 – 2 pages, 12 size, 1 ½ line spacing.
Another form of writing—poetry, fiction, graphic novel/comic, etc. Of roughly the same length as the essay
A video or podcast of approximately 3 minutes (or so) in length
A poster, cartoon, or other visual media (You may need a written artist statement)
Other form of representation that you can let me know interests you.
N.B. If you make the claim that YOU can be trusted but other people cannot be trusted, than you will
have to explain why other people might say the same things as well (This implies that they don’t trust you, even though you do trust you). How do you get around that distrust?

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